Wednesday, February 9, 2011

pack it up, pack it in, where to begin?

yup, i'm moving! big surprise, right? if you know me, you know that i've lived in 5 different apartments since moving to brooklyn in 2004. soon to be 6!

my current apartment is great, it's absolutely beautiful. i have my own studio in prospect heights, brooklyn but unfortunately my landlords are planning to sell. it also happens to be pretty pricey - and while i've been able to afford my place, i could be living elsewhere and saving a LOT of money!

a few weeks ago i took a stab at craigslist and found an apartment that sounded perfect. it's a 2 bedroom that i'll be sharing with a roommate. she seems nice and the apartment had a few great selling points:

  • i'll be back in park slope!
  • unfurnished living room which means i can bring my furniture!! i can't part with my leather arm chair
  • large bedroom AND FINALLY.....
  • a HUGE closet!! probably the largest one that i will have since moving to brooklyn!
  • oh, and yeah, GREAT rent!
i'm really excited to be moving, but NOT excited to be packing! i've just started (and i move in 2 weeks) and am taking this opportunity to really purge. in the 5 moves that i've had, i do a really good job of just boxing up crap and moving it to the new place. this time, i'm not just going to box it all up.

i just posted 4 items on ebay, including this north face jacket. any takers?


  1. someone already bid on this jacket! woooo!!

  2. If I thought it would zip around my boobs, I would buy it in a second.

  3. What's your ebay username??? :)

    Also, yay return to Park Slope! Sorry Rent-a-Hoop cannot be there to help with the move! I will send good dry-and-not-snowy moving day thoughts!