Friday, December 31, 2010

december 30. 2010: here we go!

today marks the last day of 2010. i wondered if i would freak out, or be nervous, about the year ahead and the thought of making no unnecessary purchases. instead, i'm actually relieved. i had a great 2010 and am so blessed to have amazing people in my life, a wonderful job and apartment, and the opportunity to do the things that i love each and every day.

i had a wonderful christmas with friends and family (and was lucky to get the last few items from my wishlist) and made some last minute purchases this week to finish out the year. i am looking forward to 2011 because i know that this stuff is just stuff. while i love fashion and the ability to change styles with the purchase of a new top or accessories, i know that i can make it through the year with what i have. i have plenty. and i am ready for the new year.

lets go!

Monday, December 20, 2010

rules of engagement

finally....the rules!

i find it necessary to write them out, and be very specific, otherwise i'm sure i'll find ways to cheat my own system. i know few of you think i can even make it a month, but i am determined to see it through - the WHOLE YEAR. but there will be necessary purchases, and i mean that to be serious, knowing that an amazing new blazer isn't a necessity.

here goes.

  1. socks and undergarments are NOT included and can be considered necessary purchases
  2. the money from any items that are sold on ebay or at consignment shops will go into a "slush fund" and that money CAN be used to make purchases (see slush fund tally on the right).
  3. any sporting equipment that is needed throughout the year is allowed (unfortunately lululemon speed shorts don't fit into this category). running sneakers for the marathon, or accessories for my bike, are allowed.
  4. special occasions. here's where it gets tricky. i know that i have weddings and other special occasions that will warrant pretty dresses, however i have quite a few already hanging in my closet. so, if and ONLY IF, i have an occasion where i am in need of a new frock (like a black tie gala for example) i can purchase something ONLY after the jury (rachel flynn) has OKed it.
  5. gifts are all fine, as long as for other people.
  6. gift cards are all fair game. if i receive a gift card this holiday season i can use it in the new year, but cannot spend over the amount of the card.
  7. i must post about anything i purchase.
so that's it. with 2011 only 11 days away i am feeling ready and comfortable with this.

if you were going to forgo purchases for a month or 2 - what would you miss the most?

Thursday, December 2, 2010

december 2. 2010: completed christmas list

luckily christmas is just around the corner. it will be a great opportunity to (hopefully) snatch up those last minute "needs" for the new year. among my wish list...

new chuck taylor all stars - trying a new color this year

it was actually a stretch trying to think of things i "need" for christmas. i'm sure that once january 1 hits, there will be something i feel i "need" but the reality of it will be that i don't need it. i don't need any of this stuff. it's just stuff. so fingers are crossed that i'll still feel that way a few months from now...

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

december 1. 2010. it begins

the point of this blog will be to go through one whole year of - wait for it - NO SHOPPING! i know, i almost can't handle it. but i realize that i have a lot of great pieces in my clothing collection and would like to start saving up for something a bit more substantial than a new pair of boots (and, oh yeah, i just bought a great pair so i'm all set!)

so why beginning now? not being able to shop for an entire year will require some serious "oh-my-god-i-need-that-so-must-get-it-before-january-1" time, and a month will suffice. this month will be dedicated to scrounging around for those last minute "must haves" to get me through 2011.

there will be rules, and there will be friends. rachel AKA "fatty" will be taking part in this and we'll be each other's support system. we'll post what we would buy if we could shop and also outfits from our collections that we already own. make sure to check her out at The Bubble and look for rules posted soon.

one item on the christmas list, these red suede pumps from Urban Outfitters
and an item on my far-fetched wish list is this bag from Foley and Corina

one month of shopping freedom