Wednesday, December 1, 2010

december 1. 2010. it begins

the point of this blog will be to go through one whole year of - wait for it - NO SHOPPING! i know, i almost can't handle it. but i realize that i have a lot of great pieces in my clothing collection and would like to start saving up for something a bit more substantial than a new pair of boots (and, oh yeah, i just bought a great pair so i'm all set!)

so why beginning now? not being able to shop for an entire year will require some serious "oh-my-god-i-need-that-so-must-get-it-before-january-1" time, and a month will suffice. this month will be dedicated to scrounging around for those last minute "must haves" to get me through 2011.

there will be rules, and there will be friends. rachel AKA "fatty" will be taking part in this and we'll be each other's support system. we'll post what we would buy if we could shop and also outfits from our collections that we already own. make sure to check her out at The Bubble and look for rules posted soon.

one item on the christmas list, these red suede pumps from Urban Outfitters
and an item on my far-fetched wish list is this bag from Foley and Corina

one month of shopping freedom


  1. I wanted those pumps in PURPLE!! If we don't get them for christmas maybe we can get them for each other!

    I'm posting your link now!

  2. Those are gorgeous pumps! Your blog could be dangerous viewing for me...