Monday, March 7, 2011

this is a new rule i just made up!

in the spirit of eddie izzard's "do you have a flag?" skit, i've just made up this new rule!

rule #8: anything that has to do with foxes is fair game. i'm not about to go out and purchase a stole or anything, but due to my job (at the michael j fox foundation) and my involvement with TEAM FOX it would make sense that i would love all things fox.

so, i purchased this top and love it. it's a fox print and nothing anyone can say will make me feel bad about the purchase OR make me tap the slush fund.

thank you beacon's closet!

moving meant purging, and i got rid of a LOT of stuff. some of it was in great condition (some even with tags) that i had tried to sell on ebay but had no luck. i mentioned dropping off the loot before i moved but hadn't been back to pick up my earnings.

i wasn't really sure how much they'd take - sometimes they are really picky! i walked in ready to get my cash and told sara i'd be excited if it was more than $40. well, to my great surprise, i made $158!! add that to the slushy fund and i'm at $418.84.

This is shaping up nicely!

Monday, February 28, 2011

short buss, the hero!

thank you sara bussman. i think the before and after pics here speak for themselves!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

checks and balances

i would love to admit that in the last 2 months i haven't made any purchases, but i think we all know that's not the case! i've been keeping tabs on everything that is coming in and going out, so here's a recap and an update to the "slush fund"

SOLD! kitchen table for $80 (already been added to the slush fund total)
SOLD! north face jacket on ebay for $65
SOLD! set of 4 kitchen barstools on craigslist for $30

bought: lululemon jacket using gift card - remaining balance was $3.47
bought: a few things at urban outfitters using gift card - remaining balance was $33.68
bought: a great new shirt by velvet at a local BK store - shopping locally is good, right? - $84.92

RETURNED: anthropologie dress that is now on sale for 1/2 off! + $182.91

new slush fund balance: 260.84!

before the move i also dropped off 4 large bags of stuff at beacon's closet in brooklyn. i need to go back and see how much my stuff sold for. they give you 35% in cash or 55% in store credit. typically i take the credit and look around for fun "new" stuff, but i think i'm going to take the money and run this time. i don't need more stuff!

february 23: what a mess!

well, i'm all moved! as you can see, it's not pretty! the one success that i've had: putting together my ikea bed! i'm pretty damn good at putting this stuff together, if i must say so..

i'll share after photos once everything is nicely put away and organized, which, knowing me, won't be for another month or so! :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

80 bones richer, one table lighter!

part of moving means getting rid of some of the big stuff that won't fit in my new place, including my kitchen table and chairs. as luck would have it, two great friends are moving in together and needed a table! voi-la! sold, to the cute couple moving in down the street (literally, just down the street!)

so, i'm officially adding $80 to the slush fund and moving the table out this weekend. it feel really good to be downsizing!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

february 9: OMG i made it a month?

a bit late, but i'm now into february which is month 2 of this 12 month challenge. i made it a month and didn't cry, whine, complain or implode....for the most part! i've honestly actually realized that i do have well beyond everything that i need, but that doesn't mean i don't like to look at all the pretty things.

to recap: i made one purchase at the ragnar relay race that i did in key west florida, and that amount came out of my slush fund. i also just made a 2nd purchase in iceland (yes the country, shown below). it was a nikita hoodie that says "reykjavik" - which was something purchased to remember the trip and purchased from the flagship store (nikita is an icelandic brand!) since it was so incredibly cold, i ended up wearing the sweatshirt for most of the remainder of the trip too. good purchase.

anyway, that's where i stand (and here i stand in the icelandic countryside). and i feel pretty good about it.