Monday, March 7, 2011

this is a new rule i just made up!

in the spirit of eddie izzard's "do you have a flag?" skit, i've just made up this new rule!

rule #8: anything that has to do with foxes is fair game. i'm not about to go out and purchase a stole or anything, but due to my job (at the michael j fox foundation) and my involvement with TEAM FOX it would make sense that i would love all things fox.

so, i purchased this top and love it. it's a fox print and nothing anyone can say will make me feel bad about the purchase OR make me tap the slush fund.

thank you beacon's closet!

moving meant purging, and i got rid of a LOT of stuff. some of it was in great condition (some even with tags) that i had tried to sell on ebay but had no luck. i mentioned dropping off the loot before i moved but hadn't been back to pick up my earnings.

i wasn't really sure how much they'd take - sometimes they are really picky! i walked in ready to get my cash and told sara i'd be excited if it was more than $40. well, to my great surprise, i made $158!! add that to the slushy fund and i'm at $418.84.

This is shaping up nicely!