Monday, March 7, 2011

this is a new rule i just made up!

in the spirit of eddie izzard's "do you have a flag?" skit, i've just made up this new rule!

rule #8: anything that has to do with foxes is fair game. i'm not about to go out and purchase a stole or anything, but due to my job (at the michael j fox foundation) and my involvement with TEAM FOX it would make sense that i would love all things fox.

so, i purchased this top and love it. it's a fox print and nothing anyone can say will make me feel bad about the purchase OR make me tap the slush fund.


  1. No fox, no purchase!

    I like your new rule :)

  2. i like that rule. i need a new rule. i am about to quit. like for real quit. i'm not sure i will make it through this weekend. i have store credit at one of my fav stores so i am going to go there first. i also have a pile of clothes to sell at buffalo exchange so maybe i'll make it. but feels uncertain. i just spent my gilt credit on a new pair of seychelles heels

  3. fatty, start looking for a pair of shoes for me for my wedding!! :)

  4. have you quit blogging for good?