Wednesday, February 23, 2011

checks and balances

i would love to admit that in the last 2 months i haven't made any purchases, but i think we all know that's not the case! i've been keeping tabs on everything that is coming in and going out, so here's a recap and an update to the "slush fund"

SOLD! kitchen table for $80 (already been added to the slush fund total)
SOLD! north face jacket on ebay for $65
SOLD! set of 4 kitchen barstools on craigslist for $30

bought: lululemon jacket using gift card - remaining balance was $3.47
bought: a few things at urban outfitters using gift card - remaining balance was $33.68
bought: a great new shirt by velvet at a local BK store - shopping locally is good, right? - $84.92

RETURNED: anthropologie dress that is now on sale for 1/2 off! + $182.91

new slush fund balance: 260.84!

before the move i also dropped off 4 large bags of stuff at beacon's closet in brooklyn. i need to go back and see how much my stuff sold for. they give you 35% in cash or 55% in store credit. typically i take the credit and look around for fun "new" stuff, but i think i'm going to take the money and run this time. i don't need more stuff!

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