Wednesday, February 9, 2011

february 9: OMG i made it a month?

a bit late, but i'm now into february which is month 2 of this 12 month challenge. i made it a month and didn't cry, whine, complain or implode....for the most part! i've honestly actually realized that i do have well beyond everything that i need, but that doesn't mean i don't like to look at all the pretty things.

to recap: i made one purchase at the ragnar relay race that i did in key west florida, and that amount came out of my slush fund. i also just made a 2nd purchase in iceland (yes the country, shown below). it was a nikita hoodie that says "reykjavik" - which was something purchased to remember the trip and purchased from the flagship store (nikita is an icelandic brand!) since it was so incredibly cold, i ended up wearing the sweatshirt for most of the remainder of the trip too. good purchase.

anyway, that's where i stand (and here i stand in the icelandic countryside). and i feel pretty good about it.

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