Tuesday, January 25, 2011

this has almost nothing to do with being thrifty but i can't stop myself from posting

hello, abs!

this past weekend was brutally cold. the kind of cold where you want to hole up in bed and not do anything. or, if you do go out and do something, you make it good. well, we decided to hit up a double feature - you know - pay for the first movie then sneak into the second. i know, it's not the most honest thing to do, but sometimes you have to bend the rules a bit. and with soda and popcorn being $10, we deserved that second movie!

first movie: the dilemma. survey says, "dud!" i love vince vaughn, and jennifer connelly but this over the top rom-com was just a bit tooooo far of a stretch for me.

(short intermission, long enough for us to get - you guessed it - second row seats! hello marky mark in my face!)

second movie: the fighter. survey says, "amazing!" while the movie seemed to be a bit long and had moments where it dragged, this very well casted film kept my attention and really had me rooting for micky (mark wahlberg).

so, of course, now i want to learn to box. i've always had an interest, and have researched gyms in nyc. gleason's in brooklyn is NO JOKE! and then today on facebook, this photo came up on the nike women page and has me itching to box even more. i mean, look at her!

so to tie this all in to my year-o-thrift, maybe with all the money i save i can afford to take some boxing lessons.


  1. I haven't seen The Boxer, cause movies are $25 to go to here. However, I HAVE started boxing classes because they are super popular here!! SO MUCH FUN.

  2. i think you mean the fighter? so so good, we'll have to see it when you are back. i need to find a place to try it out, seriously. even just one day of ass-kicking boxing would make me happy!