Monday, January 17, 2011

slush fund: already tapped!

just a full week into the new year and i already had tapped into my slush fund! here are the details:

it was saturday, january 8 and i had just run nearly 200 miles with a group of 11 other runners in a ragnar relay (no we didn't each run 200 miles, but collectively cover the distance between miami and key west, fl.) we ended the race on the beach in key west - sore, tired, and totally excited! it was an amazing experience that i went through with a group of (except for 2) complete strangers and i wouldn't have changed a thing!

at the after party there was celebrating, drinking, and of course - gear to remember the experience! how could there not be amazing race t-shirts and hoodies, water bottles and key chains? so, i purchased two items: a race t that had all the details from the race, the date, yadda yadda (for $25), and a hoodie with the race logo and motto: "RUN, DRIVE, SLEEP?, REPEAT" (for $35)

in speaking with my official judge (rachel flynn) she ruled that the race t was an acceptable purchase (fell under "necessary sporting equipment") but that the hoodie was in fact not and would have to come out of the slush fund. in my opinion the ruling gets a: fair enough! so, i'm deducting $35 from the slush fund. but come on, see the awesome hoodie below (and me having a bit of fun in cowboy bills in key west)


  1. I really want to make an inappropriate comment here

  2. I can't believe your restraint.

  3. Do you guys agree with my ruling? I mean we are sorting stuff out here ;)