Thursday, January 20, 2011

big hit or big love?

one of my main goals of "thrifty '11" is to actually utilize what i already have in my closet. i own a ton of stuff - some still brand new, some vintage, and some items that i can't get enough of. today's post was originally going to be called "when old meets new" because i decided to pull out a vintage herringbone skirt but match it with my fairly new booties from anthropologie. well, after taking some photos (quality on my oooold iPhone is not so great, sorry) i don't know if i feel fashionable or like i'm nicki from big love. you decide!


  1. I like it! I love those booties! I was thinking about that today actually. How to piece new items together in order to create new outfits. I have a lot of dress pants and skirts that I NEVER wear and would make new outfits. Today I wore a dress I wear all the time but added a scarf and tights making it look totally different!

  2. Hmm, not my favourite, but then I tend to shy away from calf-length skirts in general. The booties are fun though! What did you wind up deciding?

    Side note: I love your kitchen!

  3. well i wore the outfit, and got compliments at work - so i guess it was OK. i did feel a little weird with my big puffy jacket on though, and probably won't revisit this outfit in the future.

    i love my kitchen too, hoop!! thanks!